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24 October 2008 @ 01:17 pm
I think I'm falling in love with a celebrity. Because seriously? Jared Padalecki is just too damn hard to resist. Especially when you cruise the internet for photos (for icons and such) and run across this ad.

Animal loving men is just so *guh*.

Ok, done gushing.

But seriously, marry me?
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14 October 2008 @ 07:00 pm
I've spent the entire presidental election season with my mouth shut, but I think I have to say something, along the regards to the commericals.

You are trying to win my vote. Tell me what YOU are going to DO, not what THEY are DOING. You need to grasp my attention with what YOU plan on doing to fix the country, not what THEY are doing to ruin it. You've got my attention for 30 seconds... and if all you say is "the other party is doing this, the other party is doing that." you didn't give me a reason to vote for you.

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02 October 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Like. Woah.

Spoilers for Supernatural 4.03Collapse )
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18 September 2008 @ 11:53 pm
Well, now that Supernatural is back and kicking ass (oh yeah, baby!) I should probably change my layout.

I won't post a review (just know it was awesome!), but did anyone else enjoy the episode? Did you catch next week's promo? At least that promo is better than the one for the season premiere (but to be fair, they didn't want ANYTHING to be leaked).
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06 September 2008 @ 08:32 pm
Title: Death 
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Sam Winchester
Author: Heather Elaine 
Rating: PG 13
Summary: It’s nothing like in the movies.
Warnings: Character Death, spoilers for Season 3
A/N: I’m feeling comfortable with drabbles right now. Everything else just feels so... suffocating.
Another Note: Yeah, ok. I ventured out of CSI: Miami and into Supernatural. I think I need to re-watch the older season’s of CSI:M to get back into wanting to write for the fandom again.
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13 August 2008 @ 05:56 pm

 For taking an awesome show, and not giving it it's due worth.

I have a question... why is there promo after promo after promo for Supernatural on youtube from when the show was on WB (rip) but now that the show is on CW there is absolutely NO promotion. None. What. So. Ever. It's ridiculous. A show can't get viewers if people don't know its on, and they don't know it's on if there isn't any promotion for the show. All I ever see is Girlicious Girlicious.. Gossip Girl Gossip Girl. Supernatural gets a ten nano second spot for an episode that's about to show in 20 nano seconds. I'm sorry. I've taken marketing courses, I've learned the ins and outs of business. The CW is really starting to piss me off with this whole jipping Supernatural (first with the lack of promotion then with the lack of funds) It's a stupid business move. End of Story.

Hell, UK and Australian channels (I'm sure Canadian and Holland and Germany too) have hot sexy promos for Supernatural. And guess what. They have viewers. 


So how is everybody else's week going? :D

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08 July 2008 @ 08:13 pm
but patience never gets me anywhere.

I changed the layout... it's darker. And I like it. I've been meaning to change it ages ago... and then Dutchie mentioned her changing hers *it looks amazing by the way* and then I got bored and decided to work on my photo for the layout. 

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) is hot. *le sigh*

I also added a profile photo to my profile. It adds a little pizzaz. It's the Bad Ass Crew From CSI:Miami Ryan, Eric, and Frankie. :)

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20 June 2008 @ 12:23 am
Title: Anniversary
Fandom: CSI: MIAMI
Characters: Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne
Community: prompt_palooza
Table: 4
Prompt: Beach
Rating: PG. Probably safe to say G
Summary:Just a perfect sunset for the perfect anniversary
Authors Notes: Short Shot to get me back into writing for CaRWash

The breeze blew softly across her features.Collapse )
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17 May 2008 @ 11:55 am
...leave me in darkness...

I've been tagged by dutchie_1991 and since it's been a while since I've been on here I thought I'd give this a whirl.

Handwrite the following:

1. Your username/name.

2. Left-handed or right-handed?

3. Favourite letters to write?

4. Least favourite letters to write?

5. Write "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

6. Tag 5 people.

Cut to protect your poor flists.

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21 April 2008 @ 07:39 pm
Quote a bit of my fic at me? Find that one fic of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it? Don't care how long or short.

Update: My hard drive crashed, and a lot of things went bye-bye. I was in the process of writing a CARWASH story, and I was on Chapter 3- just about done, I had the ending all mapped out and ready to write, and then hard drive go BOOM. Just about everything was saved onto my online backup (TGF Geek Squad) EXCEPT FOR THAT CHAPTER. Thank you, because it didn't take me three months to write in the first place.

So, now I'm using my mom's computer (when she permits me to) and trying to find a way to either get a new hard drive or a new computer. Thus, no new story updates, and no new icons (*sigh* I miss making icons.) until then.
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